Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pizza Quesadillas ... and a little twist

Dinner tonight was pizza quesadillas.  They are easy to make, Tim loves them, and with our low(er) carb tortillas they work out alright.  I use squeezy pizza sauce from Contadina, a little mozzarella cheese, some turkey pepperoni and - tada! - dinner.  My waffle iron has plates that flip over for a smooth side option, so I use those to grill my quesadillas.

I'm not always in the mood for the traditional pizza ingredients, so sometimes I change it up.  Tonight I went with peanut sauce, a little cheese, and some bell pepper.  I loved it.

A little overdone on the peppers, so it didn't cook flat, but it was still tasty.

The bell peppers get just a little softened and they taste great with the peanut sauce.  I used my pizza cutter to slice the quesadilla into manageable triangles.  Works great.

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