Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Paleo Chilaquiles with Tostones

Check this out!!  Tostones - plantains fried in coconut oil and dusted in Adobo seasoning (recipe from paleoeffect.com) topped with lettuce, shredded chicken (also from Paleo Effect), then guacamole (Whole Foods - delicious) and an over-medium egg.  The whole recipe was from Paleo Effect - Paleo Chilaquiles).

I used plantains that were a little riper than recommended, but I thought they tasted great.  The sweetness of the plantains pairs well with the Adobo seasoning, and the spicy chicken in enchilada sauce is perfect.  I love eggs and I love Mexican food.  I thought this meal was great!  I made this along with my Aunt Steph (the long-distance cooking project) and even when I have to delay for a day or things don't turn out perfectly, it's wonderful to be cooking together.

We actually had this a couple of weeks ago and I think it's time to put it on the meal plan again soon.

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