Thursday, February 9, 2012

Farmer's Markets

I am starting to feel the boredom and budget strain of trying to cook with fresh veggies in the winter.  I just returned from a trip to Costco and the freshest thing I bought was romaine lettuce and raspberries from who-knows-where - probably Mexico.  I bought beef jerky, dried mangoes, dried coconut, and cashews.  Tasty snacks, but not the veggies that we've been eating for most of our meals.  I've got more shopping to do and Whole Foods has beautiful produce, but I miss the stall shopping.  Our local farmer's markets start up around May, so long to wait.  I wish we could do a CSA, but it's really not cost effective since we are eating so selectively that I would worry about wasting too much of the produce.  I miss supporting a farm on the front end - buying into a share of the farm and weathering the corp success or failure with them.

So, farmer's markets it is!!  I've got a nice one really close, and a couple others nearby (some bigger, some with better music, more flavors of honey).  It's one of my favorite things about spring/summer and we have just a few more months to wait.  In the meantime, I'll keep recipe hunting to prepare for the fresh veg explosion that is coming our way.


  1. I'm often frustrated by the expense of healthy eating. Did you see the Pinterest pin on re-growing celery? I'll be trying that one. Just one veg but every bit helps. In the meantime - enjoy your farmer's markets. I love them too (remember the tie-dyed bunties?)

    1. I definitely remember them! It might be time for another pair :) I think that was the first Farmer's Market I had been to. It was a great time!! I did not see the celery idea - I will have to check that out.