Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Meals: 13-17 December

I'm sitting down again to plan a week of meals and realizing that this will be fairly easy for a few reasons:

1. The week is almost half over already!

2. We are again so busy that there aren't really that many at-home meals to plan.

3. We just went to Trader Joe's and explored the frozen foods section together, so I always have Palak Paneer as a great backup plan.

So it's quick, simple, and no real pressure.  Love it.  Here are the meals:

Advent!  Dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's (I heard a rumor of soup and sandwiches).

Community Group - I signed up to bring steamed rice, iced tea, and ginger-pork-apple stir-fry.

Tim's busy and Sophie and I are headed to a bridal shower.  Sophie and I will probably have something in the late afternoon - something like pinto beans and green beans and jelly beans!  (just kidding about the jelly beans.)

Christmas party

Chicken Chili - a new recipe I'm trying from "Sam the Cooking Guy"  We'll see how it goes.  I bought some chicken thighs at Costco because they were cheaper, and I'm missing my all-white meat tenders.  I'm planning soups and quesadillas and such to use up the thighs and then go back to my favorite (albeit expensive) tenders.

Stay tuned for next weeks meals.  That post is due tomorrow.  I should probably start working now to get a running start.

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