Thursday, December 15, 2011

Meals: 18-25 December

Holiday food!  I'm already starting to feel like I might need to eat something other than cookies to give my body a break.  I am inclined to make meals that are very simple to counteract the richness of holiday foods.  Here's what I have sketched out for next week:

Peanut chicken with sprouts and veggies - it's kind of like a Thai stir-fry that I like to throw together.  It's very simple.

Tilapia, bell pepper slices, string cheese

Advent devotions - we'll have dinner with my grandparents

Community Group - I don't know yet what is on the menu.  Last week we had an amazing spread of stir-fry dishes, sushi, and fried rice.

Winter Fritatta (new recipe!) and I'm going to try making Pumpkin Parfaits ... we'll see!

Pizza quesadilla

Saturday - Christmas Eve
Tim and Sophie and I will be going with my grandpa to serve a meal at a homeless shelter.  We'll probably make a big batch of stew and we'll eat dinner with my grandparents before we take the stew downtown.

Sunday - Christmas Day
I don't know precisely what is on the menu, but no one goes hungry at Grandma's!  My guess is we'll have a bit meal around 2:00P and dinner will be something light (like sandwiches).

I'm thinking of making breakfast burritos on Christmas morning.  I would love to make cinnamon rolls or something festive like that, but I'm thinking by that point in our week we might need a break from the sugar.  Maybe I'll do cinnamon rolls to celebrate the first day of Tim's Christmas break.

What holiday food traditions do you have?  Do you have a classic turkey dinner on Christmas?  Is there a special breakfast that you prepare, or a special cookie that you know you will make every year?  Leave me a comment with your food celebrations.

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. We have had a Mexican inspired Christmas Eve dinner since I was a little girl (think tamales, enchiladas, chips/salsa, etc). This tradition has continued even today as both my brother and I have our own families--we still gather at my parents house for this dinner.

    We also have a Chinese inspired (take out, but sushi is allowed!)dinner on the evening we all go to my parents to decorate their tree (usually the first or second weekend in December).

    Christmas Day is always about coffee, coffee and more coffee. The rule in our house is there is no Santa gift revelation until Santa's helpers have their coffee brewing away in the french press.

    I used to always make fudge with my sister. And I do miss that tradition.

  2. OH! And I completely forgot to mention our Soup Potluck dinner and ornament exchange we go to at our friends' house in mid-December. It's a soup potluck--and each year the families that attend try to outdo themselves from the year before.
    This is how Josh and I discovered I was allergic to shrimp--he made Shrimp Etouffee and my throat closed up on me. It was pretty amusing (post benadryl infusion).

  3. Those are all awesome, Diana!! Thank you for sharing those. That's exactly what I'm looking for - I knew there would be some fun "off the beaten path" ideas. And how can you go wrong with a coffee Christmas?

    Sorry to hear about the shrimp incident - although I love that you can laugh about it now.

    We are thinking of starting a new tradition of some sort for a Winter Classic party. I'm thinking fondue and cider could be awesome. We'll come up with something!!