Thursday, December 29, 2011

Meals: 29 December-14 January

We are still in the odd scheduling of the holidays, so I'm doing a bunch of meal planning all at once.  I haven't been great about sticking to the plans, but I still find it helpful to chart something out so that I have a plan in case we end up staying in.  I've been shopping every few days so that I don't have a produce overstock issue.

Tim has a band practice and I'm out with my grandparents in the afternoon... it might be a pizza night.  We'll see if I come up with anything before then.

Burgerville :)

Chicken Caesar Salad

Scramble - We are going to a wedding!!  I'm planning a light, easy dinner, since it's an early evening wedding and we'll be having CAKE before dinner.  :)

2-14 January 2012
2012.  Gulp.  :)  I want to get this planned out so that I can get some shopping done, but our schedules are busy enough that I'm not going map it out to the day.  I'm just making a list of some meal thoughts and I'll shop as necessary.

- Slow-Cooker Vegetable Stew (new recipe!)

- Taco Salad

- Ham, Cottage Cheese, Pickles, Bell Peppers

- Salmon, Tomato Salad, Cranberry Sauce

- Steak Quesadillas

- Tilapia, Steamed Asparagus, Cheddar Cheese

There are definitely some holes in there, but it feels good to have a frame set up for the majority of the meals.  My Sam the Cooking Guy books are overdue to the library, so I'll be copying some of those recipes down and hopefully getting some of those into rotation soon.

How do you approach the post-holiday food planning?  Do you just naturally fall back into a great rhythm, or does it take a while to break that food cravings?  Leave me a comment with any suggestions you have for making this go smoothly.

Happy Holidays!

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