Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sun-dried Tomato & Pork with Balsamic Reduction Sauce

Dinner last night was fantastic!  A friend posted a link to and I got lost in looking at all the beautiful, new Paleo recipes.  I Dream of Protein's site has some great looking meals.  Last night we tried this Sun-Dried Tomato & Pork with Balsamic Reduction Sauce and it did not disappoint.

The pork and sauce were great.  I made her Macadamia Basil Pesto to go with it, which was delicious on its own, and great combined with the pork and glaze.  A little spring mix, some pear slices, and broiled zucchini rounds on the side - it was lovely and so tasty.  For the zucchini, I laid them out on a foil covered cookie sheet, dotted with Kerrygold butter, added salt and pepper, and broiled on low for about 6 minutes.

Excellent meal!  We loved it.


  1. Do these sites have nutrition information for their recipes? Just started my HCG maintenance phase and recipes like this totally jive with what I am doing but need to be very conscious of calories, protein intake and portion sizes. Will check the sites too

    1. Most of the recipes that come from Paleo sites won't post nutritional info because as a philosophy they shy away from counting calories. It's a real-food diet that eats nutritious elements and trusts the body to self-regulate. In your case though, it sounds like you have to monitor more closely, and for that I usually input recipes into a calorie counter (I like since you can save the recipe, save the meal, easily track every day) and that would do the trick.

      Even if you have to modify this by taking out some of the pesto for the high nut content, etc, I think it would be delicious. I highly recommend it!!