Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cooking for 3+2+1

Things have been a bit slow on the blog lately - partly because I've been too busy to post and partly because I've been too sick to cook or eat.  Baby #2 is expected to bless our family with his/her appearance February 2013!  It's so very exciting and we are all thrilled.  I'm just so sick!  It's a silly time to have a food blog.  I'm eating chicken broth, oyster crackers, gatorade, and all the Mexican food I can get my hands on.  Not a lot of photo ops coming out of that.

We've had some other changes in the household recently.  Tim, Sophie and I are the three; the two in the title refers to two of my sisters living with us for a while.  We are all having a great time together and I'm glad to have them around (they have been picking up some of my slack on cooking - which is so helpful!).  The +1 is little baby.  Not cooking specifically for the new one yet, but I'm already feeling the impact.  So, we are a household of 5, soon to be 6.  Hopefully cooking will be more interesting again soon and I'll get some more posts up.  I'm ready for better food and a healthier appetite, for sure.

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